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webGP -Getting help for vaginal discharge from your pharmacist

If you are unfamiliar with the various treatment options for vaginal discharge then check out our self-help page. Remember to always discuss over the counter treatment with your local pharmacist so they can check if it is suitable for your condition and safe for you to take.

Vaginal discharge is caused by fluid or mucus that is produced from inside the vagina and cervix. This helps to keep the vagina clean, moist and protects it from infection. Most of the time vaginal discharge tends to be normal and usually clear or white with no offensive smell and the amount can vary during your menstrual (period) cycle. However, abnormal discharge may be present if there is a change in smell, colour, thickness, and amount; or accompanied by other symptoms such as abdominal pain, painful sex or itching.

Abnormal vaginal discharge can be a symptom of any of the following conditions: Candida (thrush), chlamydia or gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Some conditions may require the need for you to have investigations followed by appropriate treatment.

If you have concerns, it is advisable to seek treatment or medical advice from your GP/Practice Nurse, pharmacist or visit your nearest sexual health clinic.